Works on printed material

Return of the landscape 

After a considerable period of boom, from the pre-Impressionists to the Fauvists, landscape painting has now fallen into disuse, abandoned to amateur painters. The popularity of the photo, smartphones, and photo sharing such as Instragram, is largely responsible

I paint bits of fuzzy nature, as if drown in a kind of fog. A world that is disappearing because of urbanization, corporization, … symbolized by maps, plans, and industrial zones. I depict fragments of seemingly idyllic but endangered landscapes.

Expired stock certificates

Money is an intimate, taboo subject in much of our European world. We do not broadly display our profits and losses. Similarly, the bedroom or bathroom are intimate, taboo worlds that are closed and personal. These are the situations where we get naked, in every sense of the word. This is a series in progress where I am currently painting women in their daily actions on outdated stock market certificates.

Other media